About Sweet Pea

Sweet pea is looking for a great home!  She was rescued by Aiding and A-Petting in 2009, where they found her as the only puppy in her litter that was not harmed by an severe abuse.  While they rehabilitated the other puppies, I fostered Sweet Pea.  She was given the name Sweet pea because she is by far the most lovable dog I’ve ever met.  She absolutely loves to be hugged and squeezed on!  Without question, people are her favorite.

Sweet Pea is very obedient and has been sent to training school where she quickly learned many commands and is eager to show them to you!

She loves to play and is even good playing outside in a fenced area by herself if you are busy.

It is with a heavy heart that I must find a new home for this amazing companion.  While she is the best with people, she has a difficult time relating to other animals and needs to be in a single pet home.

A little bit more about Sweet Pea: *Because she is a rescue, some of this information is approximated or a best guess by the veterinarian

Born: July 4, 2009

Breed: American Bulldog and Terrier mix

Energy Level: Medium

Weight: 40 lbs

House Trained: Yes

Obedience Trained: Yes

Kennel Trained: Yes

Gets Along with other animals: No                                                                                         *With proper training, this could become a yes with the right owner.

Gets Along with people: YES!

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